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Appcrunch Portfolio

Discover real-world examples of how AppCrunch has supported clients in reaching their digital investment objectives.

Introducing HODS Apps Tailored for Transportation Services

HODS Apps streamlines driver certification, compliance, and document management, revolutionizing procedures for transportation businesses.

Setting a New Standard for eCommerce Excellence in Tire Retailing

Launching a new online venture while prioritizing SEO and maintaining traffic.

Introducing Transportation Platform

Your Reliable Online Tendering Platform for Transportation Solutions.

The travel app

Our travel agency app, has been downloaded by over 35,000 users on mobile devices.

Healthcare App

In February 2023, we were approached by a client to develop an MVP of a mobile application called ” Healthcare app.” The app is designed for individuals who frequently undergo medical analyses, enabling them to securely store their results and track changes over time.

eCommerce Security: Identifying and Addressing Vulnerabilities

Our Cybersecurity in eCommerce service offers comprehensive analysis to identify and mitigate weaknesses in digital companies.


projects in IT

Setting a New Standard for eCommerce Quality in the Tire Retail Industry

Launching a new online business while maintaining strong SEO and traffic.

Logistics (Transportation), Education
Scenario: Developing a GPS Check-In App

A company sought assistance in monitoring employees’ check-in and check-out times, prompting our involvement.

Transforming digital forensics with an Internet Media Network

We’ve pioneered a comprehensive news network, built entirely from the ground up, incorporating online platforms and a mobile application.

Example: Digitalizing Tire Leasing Services app

Ukraine’s pioneering tire leasing company, reached out to us for assistance in transitioning their paper-based operations to digital platforms.

Filters Calls: AI for customer calls

Revolutionizing Customer Calls with  Filters Calls  AI-Powered VoIP Telephony Platform. Our innovative solution streamlines application processing through AI automation.

Oil & Gas
Custom TRP Solution Tailored for Oil & Gas Industry

Experience the development of a bespoke TRP system designed specifically for companies operating within the oil and gas sector.

Our clients

Case Studies
Logistics (Transportation)
Nova Lines of America is a prominent player in the trucking sector, renowned for its leadership and reliability. The company adheres rigorously to industry guidelines and standards as it conducts daily deliveries throughout the United States.
Case Studies
Logistics (Transportation)
With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Interpipe is a globally recognized manufacturer of steel pipes, headquartered in Ukraine. The company's success can be credited to its team of 12,000 highly skilled employees, advanced technology, and modern production facilities.
Case Studies
Digital Merchants
A prominent web hosting provider successfully implemented its ambitious strategy to launch a superior cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service, surpassing competitors in the online telephony realm.
Case Studies
Online Retailers
Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) represents the European division of Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG), which is owned by Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO). TMHG stands as the leading global manufacturer of loading dock and warehousing equipment.
Case Studies
Specializing in real estate-related 3D modeling and rendering, our firm offers cutting-edge virtual staging services that are highly sought after, particularly in the US market. Utilizing popular file-sharing platforms such as Dropbox and WeTransfer, our clients seamlessly transfer data to us for efficient and reliable service.
Case Studies
A prominent player in the candy industry across Ukraine and Eastern Europe, eCommerce Rosen stands as one of the region's largest candy producers.
Case Studies
Metinvest is a multinational conglomerate comprising mining and metals enterprises operating on a global scale. The consortium brings together mining and metallurgical companies spanning the USA, Europe, and Ukraine.
Case Studies
Established in 1916, Cooper & Hunter International Corporation specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality air conditioners under the Cooper & Hunter brand.
With a track record of successfully completing over 3500 projects for more than 250 clients since 1999, we are well-equipped and experienced to begin your project. Are you prepared to join us on this exciting venture?

We specialize in ecosystem development and enterprise digitization.

At our IT firm, we focus on building ecosystems and digitalizing enterprises. We believe that technology should not merely serve as a tool but should enhance our lives, open up new possibilities, and unleash individual creativity. Our goal is to leverage technology to transform businesses and drive sustainable long-term growth.

As the digital economy becomes increasingly central to future economic growth, businesses must invest in digitalization. The key challenge lies in maximizing the returns on these investments. With over 23 years of experience, our IT product firm specializes in developing digital business solutions. We are committed to creating IT solutions that address real-world challenges, avoid common pitfalls, and deliver tangible results.